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? Participant understands tawazun's meaning and reality.
? Participant knows aught potency on man himself and its requirement.
? Participant knows man examples that don't tawazun.
? Motivated participant for can live tawazun.

? Discourse and discussion

tawazun's meaning and Essence
Tawazun is its mean balance. As it were Allah has made therewith content nature it lies deep one balance (67: 3 ).
lslam's man and religion the two constitute Allah creature that corresponds to Allah character. Blue moon Allah create lslam's religion to man unsuitably God (30: 30). This sentence words on us that human it is created according to character God which is have instinct to get religion (tauhid's religion: Al is Islam) and Allah wills man for constant deep that character. If there is man which irreligious tauhid, it is only since environment influence (Hadits: Each daIam's whelped baby character situation (Islam) its oldster which make it as Jewish As, Christian or Majusi)
According to character God, man has 3 potencies, which is Al is Body (Bodily), Al Aql (mind) and Ar Ruh (spritual). Islam wills to three-dimensional that lies in a state tawazun (balance). Instruction to uphold this balance balance gets to be seen on QS. 55: 7 - 9.
Potency third this need its food each. :

1. Bodily.
Your' min that strong it better and more preferred God than poor believer (HR. Moslem). Its requirement is alimentary, which is food which halaalan thayyiban (kosher and well) [80:24, 2:168] beristiharat [78:9] biologis's requirement [30: 20-21] & miscellaneous that make strength earthly concern.

2. Mind
One that differentiate man with animal is akalya. Mind too which make man more glory of another creatures. With human mind can know something reality, preventing it of crime and bad conduct. Helping it in utilize natural resources that by God are destined divide it
so man can perform its task as khalifatullah fil ardh (Allah representative on earth) [2:30, 33:72] Mind requirement is knowledge [3:190] for life medium accomplishment it.

3. Ruh (heart)
Its requirement is dzikrullah [13:28, 62:9-10] The need accomplishment spiritual momentous, that spirit / regular soul has is ardour life, without that requirement accomplishment soul will die and not feels equal mengemban trust outgrows that is flooded to her.
With human balance gets to reach for kebahagian intrinsic one constitutes Allah relish. Since syariah's performing corresponds to its character. For people scale, to tawazunan will place lslam's people becomes middle people / ummatan wasathon [2:143] That happiness gets as:
- Happiness bathin /soul, in soul calm Form [13:28]
- kebahagian zhahir /power, in stability Form, calm prays, work and another activity.
With balances her therefore that man rank as slave that clever mensyukuri God's relish. She the so called human completely.

Human examples that don't tawazun
• Man Atheism : don't admit God, just leaning on mind (basal ratio) .
• Man Materialist : accentuating carnal problem / even material.
• Man Pantheis (Mystical): leaning on heart / its spiritual only.

• Al Qadiry, Balance in gets religion , Jakarta:GIP
• Mentoring's Material syllabus yr 1994 / 995


Stage Breakdown of Time
Uncovering Mentor passes on introduction and to the effect material 5 ’
Discourse Mentor passes on details of discussion 40 ’
Discussion Mentor gives chance for discussion and question-answer 10 ’
Shell Mentor concludes to fill material and closes it with invocation 5 ’

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